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Imdaad LLC Company of Dubai is looking for experienced male candidate under vacancy LT No. 217672. Position for job are associate mason, associate carpenter, associate painter, associate plumber, electro mechanical technician, mason, painter, plumber, associate senior technician, associate senior plumber, associate lead carpenter, senior plumber, associate lead plumber, lead plumber, lead ac, lead civil technician, lead painter technician and many more. Among all of these good job position, basic high salary is about seventy two thousand rupees. There will be food and accommodation facilities from the company to the selected candidate. Two years of job duration is also available.

Lt # 217672
CompanyImdaad LLC
Approval Date2019/02/26
SnSkillMaleFemaleSalaryFoodingAccommodationDurationService ChargeOther ChargeTotal Fee
1Associate Mason2001100.00Yes Yes 210000.00010000.00
2Associate Carpenter2001100.00Yes Yes 210000.00010000.00
3ASSOCIATE PAINTER2001100.00Yes Yes 210000.00010000.00
4Associate Plumber2001100.00Yes Yes 210000.00010000.00
5electro mechanical technician2001250.00Yes Yes 210000.00010000.00
6MASON2001250.00Yes Yes 210000.00010000.00
7PAINTER2001250.00Yes Yes 210000.00010000.00
8Plumber2001250.00Yes Yes 210000.00010000.00
9Associate Senior Technician-Carpenter(MultiTech)2001400.00Yes Yes 210000.00010000.00
10Associate Senior Plumber2001400.00Yes Yes 210000.00010000.00
11Associate Senior Mason2001400.00Yes Yes 210000.00010000.00
12Associate Senior Painter2001400.00Yes Yes 210000.00010000.00
13Associate Lead Carpenter2001400.00Yes Yes 210000.00010000.00
14Senior Plumber2001600.00Yes Yes 210000.00010000.00
15Associate Lead Plumber2001850.00Yes Yes 210000.00010000.00
16Associate Lead Electromechanical Technician2001850.00Yes Yes 210000.00010000.00
17Associate Lead AC/Chiller Technician2001850.00Yes Yes 210000.00010000.00
18Lead Electromechanical Technician2002350.00Yes Yes 210000.00010000.00

Pre interview for the job is going on. So, hurry up and apply now. One of the best recruitment agency to apply is Vision and Value Overseas Private Limited is Samakhusi, Townplanning, Kathmandu. Telephone number are 4358395, 4359043 and 4390696. Mobile number are 9851145687 and 9856036489. Email address is

Image source: Madhyanha Daily Newspaper.