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Deyaar Facilities Management llc company of Dubai is seeking for experienced candidate for several position through vacancy LT No. 219945. Cleaner, aluminum technician, carpenter, life guard, security guard, mep technician, multi technician civil, building coordinator, driver, gardener, receptionist, mason, supervisor, painter, pipe fitter, plumber, sound system, room attendant, tailor, cctv operator, building keeper and cctv operator are vacancy job position. There will be basic high salary up to fifty one thousand rupees. Working hour per day is eight hour. There will also be overtime facilities. Two years of job duration is available.

Lt # 219945
Companydeyaar facilities management llc
Approved Date2019/05/06
SnSkillMaleFemaleSalaryFoodingAccommodationDurationService ChargeOther ChargeTotal Fee
1Cleaner2020800.00Yes Yes 2000
2Aluminum Technician301200.00Yes Yes 2000
3Carpenter1001200.00Yes Yes 2000
4Chiller Technician1001200.00Yes Yes 2000
5Life Guard2001200.00Yes Yes 2000
6Security Guard2001200.00Yes Yes 2000
7MEP Technician2001200.00Yes Yes 2000
8Multi Technician Civil2001400.00Yes Yes 2000
9Building Coordinator501200.00Yes Yes 2000
10Driver Cum Technician1001700.00Yes Yes 2000
11Gardener1001200.00Yes Yes 2000
12Receptionist0101200.00Yes Yes 2000
13HVAC /AC Technician1001400.00Yes Yes 2000
14Mason1001200.00Yes Yes 2000
15Supervisors501400.00Yes Yes 2000
16Painter1001200.00Yes Yes 2000
17PIPE FITTER501200.00Yes Yes 2000
18Plumber1001200.00Yes Yes 2000
19Sound System Technician501200.00Yes Yes 2000
20Building Keeper100800.00Yes Yes 2000
21House Keeping Assistant10101200.00Yes Yes 2000
22room attendant15151200.00Yes Yes 2000
23TAILOR1001200.00Yes Yes 2000
24CCTV operator1001200.00Yes Yes 2000
25BMS operator201200.00Yes Yes 2000

Dispatch number of this job post is 60135804. Interested candidate can visit to recruitment agency which is known as Baba Human Resource Management Private Limited which is at Pragati Tole, Dhumbarahi-4, Kathmandu. Contact number are 4440093, 4440094 where you can contact for further enquiry. Email address is

Image source: Madhyanha Daily Newspaper.