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Wooden house for furniture and decoration company of Kuwait opens up employment opportunity for Nepalese candidate through vacancy LT No. 216886. Position for job are security officer, electronic worker, technical assistant, dyes technician, carpentry, driver, maintenance technician, accountant, production technician, d├ęcor carpenter, mechanic, painter and labour as well. High salary is about seventy four thousand rupees per month among these position. Visa and ticket are also available. Food and accommodation will be provided by the company. There will be two years of job contract period. You need to have good experience to apply for any position. Working hour will be eight hour daily. Detail are given below as well.

Lt # 216886
Companywooden house for furniture & decoration
Approval Date2019/02/11
SnSkillMaleFemaleSalaryFoodingAccommodationDurationService ChargeOther ChargeTotal Fee
1Security Officer20100.00Yes Yes 210000.00010000.00
2ELECTRONIC WORKER60110.00Yes Yes 210000.00010000.00
3TECHNICAL ASSISTANT90110.00Yes Yes 210000.00010000.00
4DYES TECHNICIAN280120.00Yes Yes 210000.00010000.00
5Carpentry9085.00Yes Yes 210000.00010000.00
6Driver30150.00Yes Yes 210000.00010000.00
7Maintenance Technician20120.00Yes Yes 210000.00010000.00
8Accountant120200.00Yes Yes 210000.00010000.00
9Production Technician120120.00Yes Yes 210000.00010000.00
10Decor Carpenter170120.00Yes Yes 210000.00010000.00
11Mechanic20120.00Yes Yes 210000.00010000.00
12Painter3095.00Yes Yes 210000.00010000.00
13Labor4085.00Yes Yes 210000.00010000.00

Reference number of the job vacancy is 60137260. Job Zone Employment Services Private Limited is recruitment agency where you can easily apply for above job position. It is at Sinamangal-9, Airport, Shambhumarga Road No. 4, Kathmandu. Telephone number are 4112713, 9802099411, 9818394474. Email address to send CV is

Image source: Madhyanha Daily Newspaper.