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Agam Group Limited Company Wll is looking for the workers under vacancy LT No. 220479. Position for the job vacancy from this company are technician, accountant, admin assistant, admin officer, auto general mechanic, mobile crane operator, computer operator, equipment supervisor, heavy driver, general labour, light driver, mechanical engineer, receptionist, safety engineer, safety supervisor, storekeeper, general supervisor and many more. High basic salary among these job position will be about one lakh sixty six thousand rupees. There will be food and accommodation facilities from the company. Two years of job duration is available. More detail is given below.

Lt # 220479
Approval Date2019/05/14
SnSkillMaleFemaleSalaryFoodingAccommodationDurationService ChargeOther ChargeTotal Fee
1Technician160120.00Yes Yes 210000.00010000.00
2Accountant20200.00Yes Yes 210000.00010000.00
3ADMIN ASSISTANT /ADMIN COORDINATOR50200.00Yes Yes 210000.00010000.00
4ADMIN OFFICER50200.00Yes Yes 210000.00010000.00
5AUTO /GENERAL MECHANIC50125.00Yes Yes 210000.00010000.00
6Computer Operator30150.00Yes Yes 210000.00010000.00
7Mobile Crane Operator150200.00Yes Yes 210000.00010000.00
8crane labor20095.00Yes Yes 210000.00010000.00
9Equipment Driver50180.00Yes Yes 210000.00010000.00
10EQUIPMENT SUPERVISOR20180.00Yes Yes 210000.00010000.00
11Heavy Driver150200.00Yes Yes 210000.00010000.00
12GENERAL LABOR60085.00Yes Yes 210000.00010000.00
13Light Driver60125.00Yes Yes 210000.00010000.00
14Mech. Engineer20450.00Yes Yes 210000.00010000.00
15Receptionist20120.00Yes Yes 210000.00010000.00
16SAFETY ENGINEER10430.00Yes Yes 210000.00010000.00
17Safety Supervisor20210.00Yes Yes 210000.00010000.00

Chalani number for this job post is 60140110. Interview will be going on. So, interested candidate can easily apply for above job position from High Quality Overseas Private Limited which is at Samakhusi, Town planning, Kathmandu. Telephone number are 014384853 and 4357168. Email address to send CV is hiqualitynepal@gmail.com.

Image source: Madhyanha Daily Newspaper.