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McDermott Middle East Inc Company is announcing vacancy for job opportunity under vacancy LT No. 220179. Assistant Electrician, Moulding Maker Assistant, Assistant Painter, Rigger Worker, Scaffolder and Arc Welder are job position from this company. For all these job basic salary is about thirty seven thousand rupees which is 1248 AED. Large number of vacancy seats are also available for each position. Minimum qualification is SLC passed and English knowledge is required to apply for job. Training experience is required. Visa and ticket will be free. Food and shelter is available.

Lt # 220170
CompanyMcDermott Middle East. Inc.
Approved Date2019/05/08
SnSkillMaleFemaleSalaryFoodingAccommodationDurationService ChargeOther ChargeTotal Fee
1Assistant Electrician2001248.00Yes Yes 2000
2Moulding Maker Assistant2001248.00Yes Yes 2000
3Assistant Painter2001248.00Yes Yes 2000
4Rigger Worker2001248.00Yes Yes 2000
5SCAFFOLDER5001248.00Yes Yes 2000
6Arc Welders2001248.00Yes Yes 2000

Pre interview for the job is going on. So, interested candidate can apply for the job through Job Track Recruitment Private Limited which is located at Dhapasi-7, Kathmandu. Telephone number are 438585, 4385203. Mobile number are also available. Email address for direct apply is

Image source: Madhyanha Daily Newspaper.